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United Patients Online Academy is a digital training platform for leaders, staff and volunteers of health NGOs that addresses the core components needed to run effective organizations. It offers free expert online courses that share NGO best practices and use for-profit business experiences to expand the impact of health NGOs. Health NGO leaders will find tools to enable their organization to build strategic, volunteer, fundraising, media and advocacy plans tailored to their own unique situation and needs.

About United Patients

United Patients Online Academy is a collaboration between Health Bridge International and Catalyst Consulting Group International. It is a global initiative that builds on the years of knowledge of health NGOs who are sharing their best practices and expertise to help patients advocate for themselves.

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United Patients, Online Academy draws from the experience, good practice and lessons learned of leaders and experts from health organizations and networks from around the world.

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United Patients, Online Academy is possible thanks to the generous contribution of our sponsors.

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