Targeted Communications

Reaching the public with effective messages

3 modules / total time: 91 minutes

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Reaching the public with effective messages

W. Garrison Jackson


Jackson leads Nu Strata Logistics’ US and Liberia

Reaching the public with effective messages related to health promotion, calls to action and advocacy are the fundamentals of targeted communications.  Often NGOs underestimate the power of the media and how much you can be in charge of what messages reach the public and how the media can be an ally for both behavior and policy change.

Module I: Communication Planning

Communicating with the public has to be a planned and strategic process that supports the mission of your NGO and reaches the correct target public with effective messages.

Module II: Creating Compeling Stories for the Media

NGOs need to understand the pillars of what makes a good media story, the key pressure points that incentivize journalists to cover a story and how to create sustainable relationships with media outlets over the long-term. 

Module III: Social Media

Social media can be used strategically to advance your NGO mission and build a community of supporters. Hear examples of how health NGOs can use social media for programs, advocacy campaigns, and fundraising. 

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