Strategic Planning

A systematic process for making key organizational decisions

3 modules / total time: 48 minutes

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A systematic process for making key organizational decisions

Lucy Keightley


Scott Gray Associates Ltd

Strategic planning is the systematic process for making key organizational decisions and agreeing on what an NGO is, what it does, and why it does it. This course sets out how effective health NGOs engage in strategic planning to set goals and objectives aligned to their vision, mission and values. Complement this training by using the online Strategic Plan generator  tool to create your NGOs own strategic plan. 

Module I: Situational Analysis

The first step in strategic planning is analyzing your NGO’s internal functioning and programming and conducting an external environment scan to understand your target community’s needs and to identify trends and driving forces. Use situational analysis to understand the unique role of your NGO and how it serves its beneficiaries

Module II: NGO Mission, Vision and Goals

Define the core identity of your NGO through its vision, mission and values. Set goals that help your NGO fill the gap of what your community needs based on your organization’s core competencies and competitive advantages.

Module III: Determining NGO Strategies

Select your NGO program portfolio that is most likely to reach your strategic goals and is feasible, cost-effective, competitive and sustainable.

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