Influence system changes

3 modules / total time: 83 minutes

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Influence system changes

Cristina Parsons Perez

Senior Director

Catalyst Consulting Group LLC

Health is political. Civil society is responsible for advocating for improved policies and patient rights and for holding decision makers accountable.  Advocacy allows health NGOs to meet their mission by influencing system changes with far reaching impact for patients and the public. This course covers the benefits of getting involved in advocacy and the basic elements of a campaign.

Module I: Strategic Health Issues

Advocacy follows a process that begins by selecting strategic health issues to campaign on. These should align with your NGO’s mission, use your resources wisely and have a strong chance of success. Understand who has the power to give you what you want and who they are influenced by.

Module II: Networks and Alliances

Collective power can amplify your advocacy efforts and increase your chances of success. Learn how – and when - to advocate within networks and alliances.

Module III: Advocacy Tactics

Learn the art and science of advocacy. Learn how to select the advocacy tactics most likely to influence your target decision maker. 

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