Successful Fundraising

Invite people to support your organization and cause

3 modules / total time: 109 minutes

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Invite people to support your organization and cause

Alessandra Durstine


Catalyst Consulting Group LLC

Fundraising involves inviting people to support your organization and cause. Articulate your passion, know your donors, build trust in donor relationships, and develop a reliable base of committed supporters. This course reviews how health NGOs can identify prospects, which fundraising methods to use and how to maintain and grow your supporter base.


Module I: Donor Prospecting and Cultivation

Gather and analyze data on prospects to identify who you will ask to donate and what you will ask for. Cultivate your prospects – build relationships that lead to making donations and staying involved with your NGO.

Module II: Communicating to Donors

A strong communications strategy is associated with improved fundraising results. Hear from a donor about how best to cultivate donors, sell your cause and how to avoid common mistakes.

Module III: Types of Fundraising

There are different types of fundraising methods and a strong and sustainable NGO isn’t heavily reliant on any one alone. Understand the different types of fundraising, who they target, how they may align with your mission and what resources they require.

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