Patient & Volunteer Management

Mobilize patients and volunteers to help deliver your mission

3 modules / total time: 97 minutes

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Mobilize patients and volunteers to help deliver your mission

Frances Villafañe

Health Systems Manager

American Cancer Society, Inc.

Volunteers are key to helping your organization meet its mission and build a community of support for your cause. Encourage a patient centered culture in your NGO and be strategic about how you engage volunteers. Plan a volunteer program for your organization and implement recruitment and retention strategies. Complement this training by using the online Volunteer Program Plan generator[MP1]  to develop your NGO’s volunteer program.

Module I: Engaging Patients as Volunteers

Understand how volunteers can strengthen your NGO and the benefits of placing patients at the heart of your organization’s culture, governance and programs.

Module II: Volunteer Planning

Take a strategic approach to engaging volunteers in your NGO. Define your volunteer needs and identify organizational capacity to set up a volunteer program.

Module III: Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

Motivate people to volunteer for your NGO; screen, interview and select the best volunteers; develop retention strategies for a committed volunteer base. Learn how to prepare position descriptions and how to encourage volunteer-staff partnerships.

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